The high school football season officially kicks off next week but this weekend we've got a little preseason high school football if you will with the various Jamborees around Acadiana.

On Tuesday, coaches and media members got together at the Petroleum Club for the 68th annual Kiwanis Club of Lafayette's Crying Towel Luncheon.

This season's winner of the award was Cecilia High's head coach Dennis Skains!

Coach Skains will be entering his fourth season at Cecilia as the Bulldogs head coach sporting an 18-17 record in his previous three seasons. The Bulldogs made the playoffs but were bounced in the first-round by Livonia 28-6.

Here are the top returning players on offense and defense for this season:


Peyton Richard (Offensive Guard), Brandon Sonnier (Center), Tyler Abshire (QB – 1,646yds 13 TDs), Danarious Journet (Running Back 556yds Rushing)


Jalen Celestine (Corner Back 2nd Team All-State), Elijah Cretian (Defensive Tackle 1st Team All-District), Koen Helaire (Linebacker 2nd Team All-District).

This year's Queen of the Kiwanis Football Jamboree is Michelle Kubecka!

Michelle has delayed speech, spina bifida and scoliosis I. She has endured an astonishing twenty-seven surgeries to date and had only a 25% survival rate when she was born. Thanks to Mrs. Kubecka's persistence, the Lafayette School Board Special Education team was able to properly figure out her learning disability and from there Michelle was able to have a specialized program designed to fit her needs and assist her succeeding academically.

Michelle was also a dancer for the Delarue Dance Academy and was a softball, basketball, and volleyball player for the SLYSI Rec Center in Lafayette. She will now officially be graduating from Acadiana High School this coming spring in 2020!

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