Teurlings Catholic is getting ready to play a first round playoff game against St. Michaels, while STM, who they beat, gets to rest on a bye.

Only one win separates the Rebels and Cougars in the overall record category, so why such a difference in seeding? STM's tough schedule slightly outweighed the Rebs, and their one win advantage was enough to ensure them a week of preparation while Teurlings is out on the gridiron.

In yet another example of the power rankings gone awry, Teurlings now totes a hefty chip on their shoulder heading into the dance.

To be clear, this isn't a piece about how STM received favorable positioning. The Cougars earned their spot, no dispute. It's more of a notice to the rest of the Division II bracket: the Rebels got dealt a short straw, and Cole Kelley and company are out to get what they deserve.

If the stars align, we could see Teurlings and STM face off in the semi-finals. Kelley and his friend, STM Quarterback Will Bellamy, would get to duke it out on one of the biggest stages imaginable. One would go on to the championship, surely with the other there for support. Unfortunately for Teurlings, they have an extra game to win to get there.

Is it a case of what have you done for me lately? The Rebels defeated the Cougars but were tripped up at the end of the year by Carencro. Both teams shared a loss to Catholic High of Baton Rouge, so it's really just an extra loss to Notre Dame (a serious candidate for state champs in their own respect) that separates the two. Is that enough to give one team a bye week and another a six seed? Apparently so, according to the power rankings.

Ultimately, seeds are just a number, just like rankings are just a gauge for the general public. The teams will decide who's right or wrong in this one.