The Acadiana Wreckin' Rams have won back-to-back State Titles in 2019 and 2020 which is an incredible feat.

Their senior kicker Kelsey Latiolais is attempting to break barriers for women in football in the same light as Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller did in 2020.

Kelsey is a driven young woman with a passion for football. While she still had hurdles to overcome not being the full-time kicker for the Wreckin' Rams this past season the news came on Tuesday that she's being the opportunity to further her football career with the Bayou Storm Surge.

The Bayou Storm Surge is a Women's elite professional tackle football team that is looking to break barriers and make history. They're part of the WFA-Women's Football Alliance in Division 3. This league is the largest, longest-tenured having been building for the last four decades, and without a doubt the most competitive women’s tackle football league in the entire world.

They play in a division with 36 other teams from across the country. To check out all of the teams in Division 3 click here.

The WFA Commissioner Lisa King says this regarding the league and how it's grown.

“As a league, we are indebted to the multiple leagues that have helped women’s football grow to where we are today.  We came in with a plan to take the game to another level, and we believe the success of our teams shows on the field.  From 2011 until 2013, the number of WFA players on the U.S. National Team skyrocketed from zero percent to 96 percent and multiple players are now coaching in the NFL."

It's a very exciting time for one of our own here in the Acadiana area and couldn't be more proud of Kelsey and all of her success and the very bright future she has ahead of her.


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