Put your hand up if you picked Ascension Episcopal to go undefeated through District 7-1A this year...if you're hand is raised, head to Vegas.

That's not a detriment to what Head Coach Michael Desormeaux has done with the Blue Gators one bit. As a matter of fact, it's more of a testament to his achievements. In one of the most unforgiving districts in all of the state, the Blue Gators keep churning out wins and they're now one away from a perfect regular season. It would be a landmark for the program, and Central Catholic-Morgan City would love to throw mud all over this storybook ending.

Central Catholic's only loss came at the hands of Vermilion Catholic, who is typically the favorite in 7-1A...that was until AES beat them, 40-39, earlier this season (we'll get to that game in a bit). They also have one of the nastiest players in the entire area, Stefano Guarisco.

Behind a massive offensive line, Guarisco typically tops 200 yards and crosses the goal line more times than one would consider fair knowing the concept of sharing. The Blue Gators' D won't be able to stop him. Facing somebody like Guarisco, it's best to just contain the damage and put up points of your own.

Cental is kind of a one man show. It's a great show, but AES is a three-ring circus.

All facets of the game are coming together this season for Coach Desormeaux's Blue Gators. Jake Arceneaux is slinging the pigskin so well that bulldozing back Ja'Ciery Linzer's barely been asked to shoulder the load on offense. Rather, Arceneaux's deep arsenal of receivers have stepped up and taken turns performing. When you bite down on Linzer, Arceneaux beats you with Ronald Leblanc. When you move your safety over to help on Leblanc, Arceneaux goes to Zach Ronquillo on the other side. See the problem?

We hope the scoreboard operator in Morgan City doesn't have carpal tunnel or arthritis. His hands will be flying over the buttons all game long.

Regardless of the outcome, both teams will head into the playoffs with high hopes. Every win counts when it comes to power rankings and seeding, plus nobody wants to lose. It feels like a special year for Ascension, but they're not across the finish line yet.

A win by Central Catholic would force a three-way tie for District 7-1A, so this game isn't just for playoff positioning. Hardware is on the line.

Bring your heart pills. Ascension proved earlier this year they're open to cardiac scares. Instead of kicking an extra point for overtime against VC earlier this season, Desormeaux went for two and all the glory...and won. Could we see another similar finish?

The football gods will be smiling in Morgan City this Friday, and the college scouts will be drooling.