You see number 53 on the left side of this picture? His name is Jaun Journet, and he plays defensive line for Carencro High School. He also has hands like Odell Beckham Jr.

Journet is listed at 6'0"-283 lbs on Carencro's roster. He's a big boy, but that doesn't mean he can't move like a much smaller man. New Iberia learned not to judge a book by his cover this weekend, when Journet picked off a pass and ran it back for a touchdown.

This was no ordinary interception either. Not only did Journet show off his speed by taking it to the house, he took the whole stadium by surprise when he snagged the pass with one hand.

Plays like this don't happen often, and Journet should be happy somebody caught it on camera for the whole world to enjoy. This definitely takes the cake for play of the week, possibly of the season.

What's more impressive, the way he one-hands the pass or the burners he puts on after the catch? One thing is for sure, he wasn't letting anybody stop him on his way to the endzone. Get in there, big boy.

The only way this play could be better would be if high school official's didn't throw flags for touchdown celebrations. After a one-handed interception and a long return, Journet should have been allowed a little touchdown dance. The only thing better than a big man touchdown is a big man touchdown dance, so if it happens again, just take the flag and bust a move, Jaun.

Even if it never happens again, Jaun will forever be a legend in my book. We all knew watching Carencro this season would be fun, but who saw that coming?