We were already gettin' hype to Cecilia's first hype track for their football squad, but this part two might be even hotter...

Our boy Dre Leo killed it again. He brought some bars on another beat, and he kept it clean yet again. Of course, Raymond Calais Jr. gets his shine, as well as the rest of the Bulldogs...

"Jumpman, jumpman, jumpman then Dawgs up to somethin'..."

We can't enough hype tracks. We want a part three, part four...how about a new track every round? You see this, Leo?

"Leo, Leo, Leo drop another one...and if we win again I drop another one,
I do this for Cecilia, that's the only one, cuz when I spit it's hotter than the morning sun."

I guess you're already on that. All we can do is keep hoping Cecilia wins, for the tracks and for the trophies.