The rivalry between the Acadiana Wreckin' Rams and the Lafayette High Mighty Lions goes back decades and generations. Grandparents tell their children about the days when AHS and LHS went after each other, and the sentiment remains the same today.

We sent out a photographer to capture all the action between these two age old rivals, and he came back with some fantastic shots of the action on the field, and a lot more from the sidelines and the stands. To sweeten the deal even more, our professional photographer, Benjamin Massey, is still in high school at LHS...the players aren't the only people with skills on display every Friday night.

Take a minute to check out Ben's photo album, and share it with your football family and friends. With this much talent at such a young age, Ben's pictures will probably be seen around the world one day. The Rams won the game, but Lions fans will surely enjoy the pictures too.