It's a special year for the Cecilia Bulldogs, but they better be careful with Edna Karr, or their season could come to an end.

Raymond Calais and company fear no man, and rightfully so. Karr is a bit of a different beast though, and their #14 seed is actually a raw deal for the Bulldogs.

Karr started the season with three straight losses to St. Paul's, Landry-Walker and Brother Martin. If you put the four squads together, including Karr, you could actually put together a really solid freshman class of college players. Since those three games to kick their year off, Karr is undefeated. See the concern?

Time to toss some water on the fire: Cecilia is at home. Karr has to make the trek down I-10 to play in the Dawg Pound, but that still doesn't mean this matchup should be taken lightly.

This game is going to require points to win. Lots of them. The scoreboard operator better not have arthritis.

If there was ever an upset alert to sound, Karr's hand is hovering right over the button. Understand though, Cecilia has some crazy mojo going. Their only loss all season is to Crowley, and the southern portion of Louisiana is all praying for a rematch between those two teams in the state semi-finals. Between Calais, Landon Roberts, Kenya Dartez and Rusty Robin...pick your poison on offense. They put up near a half-century all in the first half of their playoff game. Pepper in Keldrick Zeno and an absolutely behemoth line on defense, and you get the fixings for a playoff pot of championship gumbo.

"One game at a time...survive and advance," those terms only matter so much. What those cliches should be replaced with is, "Whoever wants it more, gets it."

Who wants it more? Cecilia or Karr? Top dog or underdog? We'll see who's hungrier to tear the meat off that bone.