Would you ever choose to go to a different school than your friend? Cole Kelley and Will Bellamy decided to be rivals, and it makes perfect sense.

With the talents they both possess as high school quarterbacks, putting them on the same roster simply wouldn't make any sense. Instead of having one of them sit on the bench, Kelley and Bellamy decided to go to different squads. Thanks to their decision, Teurlings Catholic and St. Thomas More fans have enjoyed one of the best rivalries in the state ever since their arrivals.

Kelley is on his way to the SEC as an Arkansas Razorbacks commit, but currently he leads the Rebels. His counterpart, Bellamy, heads the STM Cougars and is garnishing some deserved collegiate attention of his own. This script is ready for a movie, just roll the film.

The two star QB's will probably exchange kind words and texts before the game, but they both want to win. It will be up to their supporting casts, and they both have some rowdy riding mates.

Noah Harris is finally healthy as a bell cow back for Teurlings, and he is a bruising compliment to Kelley's cannon in the backfield. The Rebels offensive line, a.k.a. "The Great Wall," led by senior behemoth Zeb Burley, should be expected to win more than lose against the Cougars. It's not a slant against STM's front. It's just a compliment to the big boys in the trenches. They love contact, and the Cougars better get creative if they want to affect the line of scrimmage.

Teurlings will beat you up, but STM can strike you from distance like snipers...over and over again.

Harris offers Kelley a sledgehammer to soften defenses, but Trevor Begue offers Bellamy a high-powered trigger to pull at any given point in the game. Pick your poison from any position on the field, Bellamy to Begue will haunt your defensive dreams.

Bellamy to Begue...you almost get tired of seeing it when you follow STM games. Their chemistry is undeniable, and nobody can beat it. I'm about to make a gaudy comparison, but I don't even care.

If you were to compare the NFL to high school football, Will Bellamy is Tom Brady and Trevor Begue is Wes Welker in his prime. They're that good at the high school level. Keep in mind, Begue can carry the ball out of the backfield too. Don't forget about Evan Trahan either. He would love to see some creases in the backfield to exploit.

The winner goes to the Superdome, and they both are championship caliber. It's a de facto championship for these Acadiana rivals, and the fan bases are selling out the stands.

Let's finish this where we started. Cole Kelley and Will Bellamy will play each other for the last time in their high school careers this week. They went through all the ups and downs of life together, on and off the field, and this will be the final chapter of their athletic story on the prep stage.

The Superdome might not be big enough to hold all the emotions pouring from that field on Friday.