The votes are in, they've been tallied and the LHSAA has announced that the select schools have voted to NOT participate in the All-State Sugar Bowl Prep Championships that are held annually at the Superdome in New Orleans.

The final tally of select schools that voted not the play in the Prep Classic was 39, while there were 32 that voted in favor of playing in the annual event. These numbers were according to results of a vote by the administration of select school that the LHSAA released during the afternoon on Thursday. The select schools that voted against partaking in the Prep Classic, 14 are schools that have participated in the past.

The largest difference of opinion came in Division I where nine of the 12 schools were against playing in the Prep Classic. As for Division II the decision was a split one with eight votes each way, Division lll had six votes for, eight votes against and in Division lV you saw 15 schools who were in favor and 14 schools against it. None of the divisions were close to partaking in the Prep Classic this season as every school in each division would have needed to have the vote go 100% in favor of it in order to play in the Superdome this December.

As of now, the non-select school Prep Championships will take place December        12-14th at the Dome and select schools will play December 6-8th. For the select schools, there are three locations that currently have expressed interest in hosting their State Title games, University of Louisiana, Tulane, and Southeastern Louisiana.

The local area teams most affected by this vote based on last seasons results are, St. Thomas More, Teurlings Catholic from Division ll, Notre Dame, Catholic High N.I. Ascension Episcopal in Division lll, LCA, Vermilion Catholic, Opelousas Catholic, Catholic Point Coupee, and Hanson Memorial in Division lV. Those are the select schools we mainly cover who made the playoffs last season.

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