It's one thing to win, it's another thing to dominate. The Notre Dame Pios are a dominant team, but they have to prove it to the state champs, Calvary Baptist.

Writers aren't supposed to use first person. Sports writers are also supposed to be objective. Understand that when I speak like this: I have no idea how Notre Dame was given the #3 seed in Division III. They did everything humanly possible to prove their worth, and now the defending state champ stands in their way. I think this game is over before it even starts, and it has nothing to do with Calvary.

Calvary is a great unit. They're a perpetual powerhouse, and the #6 seed doesn't reflect their strength. They're not Notre Dame.

Coach Cook's Pios break opponents' wills. They pulverize whatever stands in their way in monotonous, robotic-like execution. Pardon me for speaking in terms of perfection, but their regular season accomplishments induce awe.

Wins over Breaux Bridge, Teurlings and LaGrange were all gritty and impressive. I got to see them defeat STM, the #2 seed in Division II, with my own eyes in the preseason jamboree. The Pios watched their star RB go down with an injury in that game, and they still rallied together to beat the Cougars. Please, try to tell me that game didn't matter. I watched the winner and loser, and they both felt it. I witnessed what the Pios did, and that's why they're my pick.

I didn't want to have to use the numbers, but I will if I must. Calvary averages 40 points per game, and they scored 50 in the first round. On the flip side, Notre Dame only allowed 42 points all year long, and 23 of them came to Teurlings. The Pios also registered shutouts in five of their last six outings, while Calvary only has a single defensive performance with a clean sheet.

What's the phrase? Defense wins championships. Look it up, and remember it when the Pios pave their road to the Superdome.

Coach Cook has been here before. His team is experienced. If you want the Division III Championship, prepare for the Pios.