Select and Nonselect schools will not be coming back together for high school sports playoffs this time around as LHSAA members voted down the proposal on Friday according to the Advocate.

The proposal by North Vermilion's Tommy Byler actually passed 179-165 but under the current stipulation it was turned down because there needed to be two-thirds of the vote in order to officially pass it.

There was another proposal that the LHSAA brought to the table that would have required a 1.5 multiplier among other factors but it didn't pass on a vote of 230-105.

Tommy Byler's proposal would have forged together six football classes and that would have cut the number of state title games from nine to six and 12 to eight with all other high school sports.

What was the biggest hang up for those opposed to the proposal?

Apparently, it was the lack of addressing a bigger problem in high school sports and that's illegal recruiting of student-athletes said Northwood's Shannon Wall (Not directly quoted).

In speaking to sources close to the situation they said that the illegal recruiting causes hesitation for public school who don't have as much pull as a private school does in order to illegally recruit a student-athlete.

So, as of now things will stay the same with high school football specifically as we've seen over the last several years.

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