With playoffs approaching, it was only right to bring the Teurlings Catholic Rebels onto our weekly coach's show. Sonny Charpantier and Zeb Burley stopped by.

Coach Charpentier is writing his way into the record books one year at a time, and it's kids like Burley that get him where he needs to be. There's no surprise that the Rebels are in the top ten in the writer's polls heading into the playoffs. The Rebs schedule difficult opponents every year to prepare for this point.

Listen close to Coach Charpentier, and you'll hear the tone of cool confidence that could carry them to the final stages of the playoffs. He just wants some crowd support when they get the home field advantage.

"We like when people come out and see us because it's seven dollars a pop," Charpentier said.

They're worth the cost of admission. With Cole Kelley and his massive offensive line, you can always expect entertainment. Senior Right Guard Zeb Burley is a huge part of it.

Zeb Burley is a bit shy under fire, but it's not every day you get forced to talk on radio before you can legally drink. The senior right guard lost around fifty pounds in the offseason, which is enough to applaud by itself. Lighter on his feet, Burley is an absolute mauler on the offensive line. How did he cut all that weight?

Burley described his diet, "Chicken breasts. That was about it."

On a night for the Rebels, they were represented by their principal, the face of the football program and an amazing student athlete. Take some time to hear them out.