St. Martinville coach Vincent DeRouen earned his third crying towel, but he had some solid competition at this year's Kiwanis Club Jamboree Crying Towel Luncheon.

As you'll notice in many of these speeches, some coaches were laying it on thick.

Coach Jack Franks, aka "Happy Jack", is fully committed to the corny jokes, while coach Rob Poole points out the winner of the towel tends to have a Cajun accent (he does not).

Coach John Simmons was in the running with his true stories, while coach Dane Charpentier had some easy father/son jokes, and coach Louie Cook's joke involving the Pope must been seen.

Throw in coach Shane Savoie, Logan Duplanchier, Terry Martin (2016 Crying Towel winner), Jules Sullen, Ted Davidson, and the one and only Kevin Faulk, and you've got some great speeches to sort through.



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