The Welsh High School Football Program has officially forfeited their first two games of the 2018 season due to an ineligible player who played in both games. Game one was August 31 against Rayne where they won and then September 7 in which they lost to Kaplan. These violations were self-reported by Welsh administrators to LHSAA on September 14.

The record for the Welsh Greyhounds at this point after the forfeits sits at 1-2 heading into week four.

Welsh coach John Richardson told Lafayette News outlet KATC that the ineligible player incident was a misunderstanding regarding a grade for a specific student-athlete who was taking off-campus classes.

With these violations, Welsh must pay a $200 fine. The student that was involved will face a penalty to the tune of a one-year ineligibility, meanwhile, coach Richardson will be required to take a fundamental coaching course.


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