They don't get much saltier than Acadiana Head Coach Ted Davidson, and he stopped by our weekly coach's show to talk about his Wreckin' Rams.

Coming off another 5A State Championship last season, the Wreckin' Rams find themselves undefeated with a chance to clinch the district in week eight. After a 1-2 start, some grumbling critics emerged. Since that point, Davidson's Rams have won four straight in district play. At this point, coach is pretty deaf to the doubters.

"High expectations are something we live with," Davidson said.

Expectations don't get to you when you trust in the system, and Acadiana's veer offense is about as consistent and efficient as the most well-oiled engine or turbine. With Jayrin Wilson's emergence as an explosive playmaker, the Rams are catching a bit of offensive stride as the season goes on.

Davidson's veer offense is one of a kind, and it becomes a meat grinder for teams who can't prepare for it in practice. It makes his team take on his personality.

"We like to smack 'em around and knock 'em off the football," Davidson said about his team's philosophy. To sweeten the smack talk, he later added on spread offenses, "I've seen some of the practice, and it looks like flag football sometimes."

When your coach carries that much swagger, the aura drips down to coat the team in confidence.

When you think of the Rams now, you picture Ted Davidson, but there was a mentor in his life who put him in that position. It happens to be the namesake for the Rams football stadium, Bill Dotson. Davidson paved his own road, but Dotson definitely gave him some solid training for the journey.

Tough love and attitude can mold some of the best.

"He was a tough old bird," Davidson said about Dotson. "He was crusty and tough, and I learned a lot from him."

Grit, determination and a ton of bruises is what it takes to defeat Acadiana, and it's a product of their preparation. It all starts with coaching, and when there's a coach like Ted Davidson around, you can never rule out a playoff run.

Can the Rams defy the writer's polls and make another run through 5A? Odds makers might make them an underdog, but this dog has teeth, and they've been here before.