Civil wars are ugly things. When it’s your neighbor raising arms, passion runs deep and blood pumps hot through the veins. For the cities of Breaux Bridge and Cecilia, the football field is the front line.

Some debate exists over the most intense rivalry in Acadiana, and “The Civil War” may top the list. From the stands to the sideline, losing isn’t an option.

Records and standings? Toss them directly out the window into the bayou. They won’t do you any good predicting this outcome. Cecilia brings a powder keg in on offense, and they have a lot of weapons to fire. Raymond Calais Jr. averages around 200 yards per game on the ground and close to ten yards per carry, and Landon Roberts is picking defenses apart at quarterback. Roberts mobility in the pocket and deep throw ability makes him a perfect pairing for playmaking receivers Kenya Dartez and Rusty Robin. The offensive bounty is overwhelming, but Breaux Bridge’s defense fears no one.

Cecilia is used to lighting up the scoreboard. That’s not happening against the Tigers. Breaux Bridge hasn’t allowed over 20 points all season, not even to Teurlings.

Bring your clipboards and notepads, college scouts. The offensive fireworks for Cecilia are going up against a squad teeming with top-tier talent.

Korey Louis will be playing his ball for the Ragin’ Cajuns, and Sabarian Alexander, Izzy Ledet, Kirkland Joseph and company put hats on the ball like the folks in Breaux Bridge have come to love and expect. Last season, the Tigers shut Calais down in the running game. They’ll look to do the same this year, but they’ll have to deal with a much more potent passing game than last time around. The key will be if the Tigers can continue their progress on offense.

It’s hard figuring out things on the fly, but sophomore QB Julian Leon is slowly putting the pieces together for Breaux Bridge. The Tigers have posted season-high point totals (30, 27) the last two victories, and they’ll need to throw points up on the scoreboard again versus Cecilia if they want bragging rights.

The final element to this equation: it’s in Cecilia’s house. There won’t be an empty seat in the entire place too. Both fan bases aren’t missing this one for anything.

Civil Wars aren’t pretty, and this one is no exception. Bring your bandages and ice bags. It’s time for Breaux Bridge and Cecilia.