Everybody knows about Breaux Bridge's defense, but it's their offense flexing muscle in the offseason. Smile for the camera, boys.

New Head Coach Terry Martin understands how to throw points up on the board, and he's bringing new offensive philosophies to the Tigers. The passing game is clicking in 7-on-7 Tournaments, and they won the Quick Slants 7-on-7 Championship at St. Thomas More. There were 16 teams there competing, and Breaux Bridge aired it out for the win.

There are some big targets roaming around the outside, and Martin is coaching junior QB Julian Leon to be a real threat at QB. Wins start mattering in September, but their air raid at STM was a beautiful sight for Breaux Bridge fans to behold.

Not to mention, it was so hot out it made our camera fog up. Coach Martin looks happy in this video, but can you blame him?

Coach can downplay the progress all he wants. I watched it all with my own two eyes, and it looked like a completely different offense. Of course, everything changes whenever the offensive and defensive lines get involved, but the way Leon throws the ball will only change a little.

Leon is also stepping up as a leader. After a touchdown in the final game of the tournament, he barked at a teammate who was starting to taunt. Solid leaders get their brothers in line, and he kept his receiver focused on the win, not the celebration.

I gave him the Tournament MVP title for working the football all around the field to his massive receivers. In order to play quarterback well, you have to throw with confidence. It looks like he's ready to make the big throws, we just have to see if he can do it in bigger situations.

He also made sure to give credit to his pass catchers after the 7-on-7 Tournament, which only makes them work harder for him.

(Sorry the video is so foggy, but it was too good not to post anyway. These guys had fun.)

If Breaux Bridge's offense breaks out this season, they're going to be dangerous. You can only take so much from 7-on-7's, but no coach at the tournament wanted their team to lose.

"Compete every day," is the motto most coaches want their players to live by, and for Breaux Bridge, they definitely achieved that. A couple more days like this, and the Tigers could have new, sharp offensive claws to use. Scary, right?