Football is in Brett Dotson's blood. His father, Doug, grew up watching Brett's grandfather, Bill, lead the Acadiana Wreckin' Rams. Now, Brett plays for his father, and they're both bringing the Comeaux Spartans into a new era.

With three generations of football in his DNA, Brett was born with a love of the game.

"I started very young, my dad started young, and we just love football," Brett says with a smile.

It's Brett's senior season at Comeaux, and he's leaving his mark. He grew up around the game, absorbing the sport like a sponge. Coach's sons are typically savvy, and Brett is a perfect example.

Not only is Brett putting up solid numbers through the air, he's proving invaluable leadership to the Spartans, who are starting to turn their program around. He's the type of player who leads by example. I can testify to that.

When I visited Comeaux's practice, Brett was on the field 30 minutes before the rest of his teammates, with a bag of balls, going through his motions at QB. The same work ethic in the gym and the classroom puts him in position to make plays, and that's all he's done his senior season.

Maybe one day, Brett will follow in his family's footsteps and end up prowling the sidelines as a coach. For now, he's content being the coach on the field, calling the shots for the Comeaux Spartans.

(photo by Ryan Baniewicz)