You better prepare for fireworks in District 4-4A because STM, Teurlings Catholic, Carencro and company can light up the scoreboard.

It’s an arms race out here, and the biggest competitors sport diverse, deep arsenals. The LHSAA’s shuffling of teams created an interesting mix of squads, and when the engines are gasses up down the stretch the entertainment levels could register at “high-octane.”

Jim Hightower will go into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame in 2016, but his players are trying to honor him in a different way in 2015. The STM Cougars are catching stride, and their full gait is that of a sprinter’s. Will Bellamy, Trevor Begue and the offense can hang points on you like a clothesline, and their defense is continuing to progress as the season goes on. Tossing aside a rough trip to the Red Stick to face Catholic High-BR (17-35 loss), the Cougars are outscoring opponents 232-73 (47-15 per game).

High stakes don’t frighten the Cougars either. Earlier this season, Hightower’s crew pulled off a win over Plaquemine in the final seconds of the game. Come playoff time, experience in clutch time is valued like a precious gem. They passed the early gut check, but there could be a few more tests on the horizon…especially against Teurlings Catholic.

Jim Hightower’s plaque is already being prepared in the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame, but Teurlings' Sonny Charpentier might find his name chiseled into a bronze plate by the time he hangs up the headset as well.

The Rebels are led by Cole Kelley’s cannon of an arm, and at 6’7” with a filled out frame, it’s no surprise the Arkansas Razorbacks were banging down his door to get him into the SEC. Classifying the Rebs as a “running team” would be a severe misevaluation. Teams prepare for Kelley all week, but running back Noah Harris and the massive offensive line are the grease on the wheels.

Grease gets your hands dirty, but it makes sure the wheels move. If it weren’t for the running game (and defense, of course), they might have lost their rivalry game to Breaux Bridge. Instead, they took home bragging rights to ease the pain of their bruises.

Thanks to Harris’ hard-nose running and the hole-creating abilities of the hogs up front, Teurlings is rolling downhill with a rotating wheel of weapons. Catholic High-BR handed the Rebs a similar loss to STM, and the Rebs only other loss was one of Notre Dame’s many impressive statement wins. Hard to penalize them for losing to possible state champs this season.

All that being said, all of District 4-4A needs to listen to the following statement: The Carencro Bears would love you to overlook them. Do so at your own risk.

Super Bowl Champion with the Patriots Kevin Faulk returned to his stomping grounds at Carencro High, where he wrote folklore, and his offense displays an expected potency. Faulk is molding RB Tyreik Cambell into a legit collegiate talent, and QB/DB/K/P Gabe Duffy (yes, he plays all those positions) is the jab to Cambell’s knockout hook. The Bears won District 3-5A last regular season, and they knocked off the defending 5A State Champ Acadiana Wreckin’ Rams already this year.

Carencro did it in 5A. What’s stopping them from making noise in 4A?

Blessings abounded for Beau Chene so far this season, and their fan base is rejoicing the 4-2 start. I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade…but umbrellas might be needed.

No hard feelings, Beau Chene. It’s just hard to look at the 70-0 SHELACKING by STM and not imagine a rough ending against Carencro and Teurlings too. It’s not every day you see a 70-0 scoreline. While a district title is probably out of reach, playoff ambitions are still alive and well. All teams want is a chance.

Two teams remain, but sadly, there isn’t much positive to say about either squad.

Northside and Opelousas both sit at 1-5, and it’s as bad as it looks. Tyler Shelvin is a fantastic collegiate talent on the defensive line for Northside, and his foot kicked the field goal that gave the Vikings their only 3-0 victory all season. Shelvin will shine in the NCAA, but aside from that…not too many silver linings.

Cover your eyes. The following stat is beyond ugly: Northside and Opelousas have been outscored 408-68. No sugarcoating that. Sorry.

With matchups between STM, Teurlings and Carencro on the horizon, best prepare your popcorn and heart medicine. We could be in for some cinematics.