Shea Zaunbrecher balled out for the Notre Dame Pioneers on their way to a Division III State Championship. How did the Most Outstanding Player feel?

Minutes after hoisting the trophy and sharing some time with the fans and students, Zaunbrecher stepped in front of the camera to try to describe what it's like to be a champ. After only allowing three points to Riverside, could the man that collected the game sealing interception expect to sleep that night?

"I highly doubt it," Zaunbrecher said. "We talked about it before: the rest of our lives, this game...for the rest of our lives."

It was only fitting that a defensive player was awarded Most Outstanding Player. The Pios' starting defense only allowed five touchdowns all season long. In an era where offensive players get the stats and shine, it was a satisfying throwback season for Zaunbrecher and Notre Dame. They proved that defense does indeed still win championships.

The result didn't come by accident. Zaunbrecher's brothers put their hearts in it.

"Summer, fall, spring, everything...we worked for it," Zaunbrecher said. "It was kinda like a picture perfect feeling."

A picture perfect feeling from a perfect season. It's a feeling he will never forget and very few ever get to experience.

That same group of men will never take the field together again. The seniors will move on to the next phase in their lives, but they will always share the bond they forged this season and solidified in the Superdome.

We just hope Shea gets some sleep. Winning a championship is exciting, but when the adrenaline wears down he's going to need a nap.