Hayden Bourgeois is on his way to play some college ball, but he will remember the State Championship he won with Notre Dame forever.

Bourgeois is getting looked at by a few schools around Louisiana, including McNeese State and a few other FCS programs, and for good reason. A natural playmaker with a hard-nosed style, Bourgeois was the backbone for the Pios' offense and special teams. His defense did the dirty work all season long, but his scores helped fuel their run to the Superdome.

The Pios ran onto the field as soon as it was over to lift the trophy, which Bourgeois described as the "best feeling ever." The difficult part was waiting until they could get their hands on it. The coaching staff had quite a time corralling the excited players.

"It was hard to hold us back, but it felt great," Bourgeois said.

Sharing a state championship trophy with your fans inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome has a way with sticking with you. He might be telling his own kids, way own the line, about the time he went to New Orleans and brought a championship back to Crowley. Bourgeois realized that even though his time as a high school athlete is over, he left on the highest note possible.

"I feel like it's going to last forever," Bourgeois said. Then he started thinking about his time at Notre Dame, "That it's going to end now, that I'm done...it's hard on me, but I don't know how long it's going to take me to get over it."

Whether Bourgeois is playing for McNeese State or another program, he will always be able to come back and visit Crowley with pride.

He helped write an undefeated season into the history books for Notre Dame, so can you blame him for smiling so much? Check out his interview in the video above and share in some of his joy.