It was the St. Thomas More Cougars' turn to stop by our Coach's Show, and Trevor Begue, Danny Broussard and the AD all hopped on the mic.

Athletic Director Kim Broussard started things off by outlining the vast landscape of sporting success at STM, then Head Basketball Coach Danny Broussard decided to steal the show. Coach Broussard told some stories and set the airwaves on fire, like he always does, before passing it off to Trevor Begue, who represented the football team. Aside from playing wide receiver, Trevor might want to look into a career in radio.

When it came down to choosing where to play and go to school, Begue represented STM well with his response Monday night

"It was the best decision of my life by far," Begue said.

Take some time to catch up with the Cougars...and remember, basketball season is right around the corner...