Vermilion Catholic jump-started their season a week ago with a 35-21 victory over Catholic High New Iberia. Enjoy some of the sights.

One of the biggest matchups in the entire football season around Acadiana just so happened to be on the inaugural night. Hunter Frith, Emile Trahan and the rest of Coach Russell Kuhns' Screamin' Eagles embraced the spotlight and made a late surge to claim the win, and they rang the victory bell afterward. The game had everything, especially drama.

With coaches like Kuhns and Catholic-NI's Brent Indest, there is never a lack of fireworks on the sideline. Throw in playmakers like Frith, Trahan for VC and Seth Pierre for Catholic-NI, and you get a perfect Thursday night. Could have fooled me, because it definitely felt like Friday.

Feel free to find your favorite players and share the pictures and gallery on social media. High School only lasts so long, and it's always nice to have memories or photos to keep around and reminisce about.