Tyler Shelvin is a force of nature for the Notre Dame Pioneers. He's a mountain of a man, and he backs up his size with incredible technical ability.

Get excited, LSU Football fans. Shelvin is already committed to play for the Tigers, and he's going to be a monster when he gets to the SEC.

Shelvin checks in at 6'2" and over 350 pounds, but don't think he's just big. He has near superhuman strength, but he's not just a brute. He's a student of the game and possesses high football IQ, and his technical ability and use of his hands makes him even more devastating. Coaches dream of anchors like Shelvin in the middle of their defensive line, and he's a dream come true for the LSU recruiting staff.

Even though he can physically dominate most of his opponents, dealing with double and triple-teams on a regular basis, he still thinks his biggest strength is a lot simpler.

"My hands," Shelvin said. "I'm about the biggest one every time on the field, and I use my size to my advantage."

His presence in the middle of the Notre Dame Pioneers defense is impossible to miss. When teams devote two or three people to stopping him, he invites it with a smile.

"I look at it as fun, because three on me, that leaves two open, so I'm fine with it," Shelvin says with a smile.

The game of football is a complex science, and Shelvin has the mental equipment to diagnose plays, beyond just his assignment. He absorbs coaching like a sponge, which is one of the main reasons he decided to play for Notre Dame and coaches like Louie Cook and Defensive Coordinator Jimmie McLeary, a.k.a. Coach Mac.

Shelvin is big enough and strong enough to simply overpower people, but he tries to out-think them too. He understands that as he reaches higher levels of football, he won't be the biggest player on the field every time.

Players like Shelvin don't come around often, with his unique combination of size and intelligence.

"It means a lot in football to be smart, to read, to know where things are going, how it's going, how to read plays, reading guards and all that as a defensive lineman," Shelvin shares.

LSU wasn't the only organization that recognized Shelvin's superior talents. The Under Armour All-American game invited him to play with some of the biggest stars in the country, and he accepted their invitation, and jersey, with pride. He refers to all the attention as "a blessing," making sure to stay humble at all times.

Shelvin is trying to lead Notre Dame's defense to another state championship, then it's on to LSU. He's a monster, and he's ready to be the next great Tiger on the defensive line.

(photo by Ryan Baniewicz)