This season, St. Martin Parish and District 5-4A belong to the Cecilia Bulldogs. Now it's playoff time.

St. Martinville wasn't prepared for the thrashing they were handed in their own stadium. Raymond Calais Jr. had 165 on 11 carries in the first half, and his three touchdowns were only part of a 44-0 blowout before "The Ville" even reached halftime. Head Coach Terry Martin was able to literally call off the dogs in the second half, which will only help their legs for the playoffs.

Coach Martin admitted the Tigers weren't exactly helping themselves either, as his team benefited from turnovers. It's not often you hear a coach this honest at halftime.

"They're kind of killing themselves," Martin said. He later added after the game, "They were just inconsistent and made some mistakes."

You can't make mistakes against Cecilia and expect not to get mauled.

It was a typical game for the Bulldogs to close out the regular season. In a game to lock up District 5-4A and secure bragging rights in St. Martin Parish, Landon Roberts, Kenya Dartez and Raymond Calais all got in on the party. Even the defense came up with some points.

Fortunately for Vincent Derouen's St. Martinville team, they're still bound for the playoffs. In Cecilia's case, it's time to gas up for a deep run.

It was a display of dominance. Calais was dancing through the defense, and he was on pace for well over 300 yards and 6 TD's if Coach Martin didn't decide to give him a rest. His legs still look fresh, and Roberts and the passing game are poised to pounce on the playoff bracket.

C-Town, stand up. It's your year.