It's crazy to think we're already two weeks through football season. Time flies when you're having fun, and we're soaring through the season at a fast pace.

Week Three features two of the best games all season long, proving why games out of district are so important. Acadiana travels to Carencro, Teurlings hosts Notre Dame, Comeaux tries to defend their 2-0 start against Nortside, and the entire state gears up for district play.

Our standout performers from week two should make big boys everywhere proud. Two defensive players, and an offensive line. We're going in the trenches for our players of the week.

(photo by Ryan Baniewicz)

Players of the Week: Big Boys Need Love Too

Everyone always forgets about the offensive linemen, except they are usually the players deciding who wins and who loses. Skill players get all the love, but not this week.

Jansen Lormand is putting on a show for the Teurlings Catholic Rebels, racking up 249 rushing yards through the first two weeks. Hayden Cantrelle is dicing defenses up at the quarterback position too, which only means one thing. The men up front are eating people up.

Teurlings is dominating the line of scrimmage, which is why the entire offensive line gets player(s) of the week. They're imposing their will, and they deserve the spotlight for once.

Moving to the defensive side of the ball, Notre Dame Linebacker Patrick Burleigh earned himself a spot in players of the week.

Not only did Burleigh was one of the leaders in tackles against Breaux Bridge, but nose for the ball helped the Pioneers pull off the win. He blocked a punt to swing the momentum in Notre Dame's favor, and he recovered a fumble when the Pios started to come back on the Tigers. Burleigh was basically superman on defense and special teams, so it's hard not to give him a little love.

I have to be honest, I saved the best for last. Carencro Defensive Lineman Jaun Journet probably made the play of the year so far, and it will be almost impossible to beat.

JJ Watt isn't the only defensive lineman with good hands. Jaun might be almost 300 lbs, but he proved last week that receivers aren't the only ones on the field capable of highlight reel catches. Watch him snag an interception with one hand and take that thing to the house. Run, Jaun. Get in that endzone.

You know you want to watch that video again. Go ahead and do it. It's not every day you see a man that big make a play like that.

Two defensive players and an entire offensive line. For players of the week, we decided to let the men who do the dirty work get a little bit of the shine.

It's time to shift the spotlight onto the games of the week. Titans are clashing, and some undefeated teams are guaranteed to fall.

(photo by Ryan Baniewicz)

Teurlings Catholic vs Notre Dame

Offense versus defense. Rebels versus Pios. Hayden Cantrelle against Tyler Shelvin. Have you bought your ticket yet?

Teurlings is coming off a 38-0 spanking of Archbishop Shaw, and they dropped over 50 points on Calvary Baptist in their season opener. Cantrelle and Lormand are carving up defenses behind their industrial-strength offensive line. People often think of the Rebels as a finesse team, but this year they're smashing opponents in the teeth.

On the flip side, trying to run the ball at Notre Dame's defense feels like punching a brick wall. With the addition of Tyler Shelvin to the middle of the line, it's almost impossible to get a push against the Pios.

The pressure is on Notre Dame Quarterback Bryant Thevis this week. As good as the Pios are on defense, they're not going to be able to contain the Rebels with Sonny Charpentier calling the plays and Cantrelle and Lormand leading the charge. If Notre Dame wants to win, they're going to need points.

Don't be surprised if this turns into a game of smashmouth football. With Lewis Cook coaching Notre Dame and Coach Charpentier on the opposite side, it's going to be a chess match. One play on special teams or a bobbled snap could decide the game.

Our second matchup of the week is a classic. There's history between Acadiana and Carencro, and their styles are completely different.

(photo by Ryan Baniewicz)

Acadiana vs Carencro

The hair should stand up on the back of your neck at the mention of Acadiana versus Carencro. Two teams at the top of their districts, rekindling an old school rivalry.

The Bears and Rams don't get to play each other every year, but their fans remember some serious battles. In 2016, both teams bring a different set of weaponry but the same passion for the game.

Carencro is an all-out fireworks show. Between Treylon Barnaba in the backfield, the Poullard Twins all over the field and Eric Touliver on the outside, quarterback Karl Randall has almost too many choices when it comes to how he wants to hurt you. Also, Randall is one of the shiftiest QB's in the area with possibly the best pump fakes in the state. Even if everyone on defense sticks to their assignment, sometimes it's still not enough.

There's more than offense in the Cro too. On both sides of the ball, they're big enough to bang helmets with the Wreckin' Rams. Kenneth Mouton (6'7"-375 lbs) might be the largest human being I've ever seen, and he's a steamroller on the offensive line...and the D-line practices against him every day. They're outscoring opponents 88-27 after two games, but they're about to exchange blows with one of the meanest teams in the state.

Bralen Trahan (pictured above) and the rest of the Acadiana defense are going to have their hands full, and the Rams might need to get the passing game going to keep up offensively.

The Wreckin' Rams might be one-dimensional on offense, but their one dimension is incredibly effective. Teams are stacking nine or ten men in the box to stop the Rams rushing attack, but the veer machine is chewing them up anyway. Last week's heartbreaking loss to Ponchatoula taught them a tough lesson, and they will have a chip on their shoulder against the Bears.

College scouts better get their butts in the seats. Between Bralen Trahan, Treylon Barnaba and the linemen on both teams, there are going to be a lot of players moving onto the college ranks. Enjoy the show on Friday before they're playing on Saturdays.

Our first two games featured four teams that are in the playoff conversation every year. "The Meaux" has a chance to put itself on the map in 2016.

(photo by Ryan Baniewicz)

Comeaux at Northside

Stop calling Comeaux a "sleeper." In previous years, the Spartans were viewed as underdogs. This year, Comeaux is barking and biting with the big dogs.

People started paying attention when Comeaux beat St. Thomas More in the Kiwanis Jamboree, and for good reason. Head Coach Doug Dotson's team built off the exhibition by dropping over 90 points in their first two games of the season, and there's a good chance they could throw 40 points on the scoreboard for the third straight week against Northside.

Brett Dotson is solidifying his spot near the top of the crop of local quarterbacks, and the Acadiana area is loaded with talent. It's not just his arm, it's his mind getting the job done.

Defenses are scheming to take Tanarious Achan away from the Spartans, and for good reason. Achan's blazing speed and ankle-breaking moves can rip a defense into shreds from any point on the field, but he's proving effective even when he doesn't get the ball. Everyone is so worried about Achan, and Dotson is making them pay elsewhere. Eventually, teams are forced to respect the other receivers and pull off Achan. That's when lightning strikes.

While Comeaux tries to start the season 3-0, Northside desperately needs to avoid a third straight blowout.

It's a tough situation at Northside. A young coaching staff is trying to handle a roster that simply needs more bodies, and even though the talent is there, the climb is incredibly uphill. I hate to put the Vikings in the role of spoiler so soon, but it's a fair assessment for their matchup against the Spartans. Comeaux is heavily favored, but the Spartans know what it's like to be the underdog. Sometimes the hungriest dog bites the hardest.

As the season moves forward, more teams will drop out of the undefeated ranks. Between Teurlings and Notre Dame, somebody will have to go home with their first loss of the season, and who knows what surprised we will see all across South Louisiana whenever the pads start smacking together.

This is what out-of-district play is for, to sharpen the blade. Champions aren't just made in the playoffs, their steel is forged early in the year. We're only three weeks into the season, and some teams are already trying to pave their way to the Superdome.