Carencro High School is undefeated six weeks through the season, and the Bears look poised for a deep playoff run. Want to know what makes them great? Go to practice.

Practice makes perfect, and when you visit Carencro's practice, you start to understand why they're flirting with perfection. The intensity level is through the roof, and coaches like Rip Eveland and Carencro legend Kevin Faulk only raise the bar higher. There's no time for nonsense, and that might be an understatement.

Not only is Carencro loaded with talent, they prepare like a team trying to put their name on the map. Teams around the state are taking notice, especially the bullies on the block in 4A, Neville. The Bears are determined to get to the Superdome this season, and they won't be satisfied unless they have a ring on their finger.

A trip out to "The Cro" will teach you a lot about hard work, and it will make you understand why the Bears are ripping teams apart with players like Carl Randall, Mondarius and Kendarius Poullard, Eric Tolivour, Treylon Barnaba, Rashaad Harding and Kordell Williams.