The Acadiana Wreckin' Rams were undefeated in District 3-5A play, until an LHSAA ruling forced them to forfeit their win over Sulphur.

Due to a zoning issue stemming from his middle school days, the star of Acadiana's win over Sulphur, freshman running back Dillon Monette was ruled ineligible for the victory. Acadiana's Principal David Lejeune told The Advertiser that Monette is now eligible to play the rest of the season, but the thrilling 38-35 win over Sulphur now goes in the loss column.

Before you start to think of conspiracy theories, the Wreckin' Rams reported themselves to the LHSAA when they discovered the issue. They were hoping the governing body for high school sports in Louisiana would rule on their side, but that's not how things played out.

It's an odd and unfortunate situation, all around. Monette was ineligible, but now he's OK to play. If it sounds confusing, it's because it is.

The decision affects a lot of people. First and foremost, it costs the Rams a win in district play and valuable power points, only three weeks before the end of the regular season. Acadiana controlled their destiny, and they had a solid chance of finishing district play with a perfect, undefeated record. Now, their District 3-5A record is 3-1, which puts them behind Sulphur, who improves suddenly to 4-0 in district play.

It's a massive ruling by the LHSAA, but it's not the end of days for Acadiana.

Their seeding in the playoff bracket will suffer, but they're still going to have a chance to get the chip off their shoulders with a few wins. Ted Davidson's teams never look for excuses, and they certainly won't use this ruling as a reason to pout. If anything, it might make them even meaner, and angrier.