When you're the top ranked recruit in the state, everybody knocks down your door to get to you. Travis Etienne Jr. had offers from all the top schools in the country.

Etienne is the top running back in the state, according to 24/7 Sports, and a top ten recruit in the state of Louisiana. A lot of people assumed he would commit to play for LSU, but he threw everybody a curveball by committing to Clemson. The Tigers weren't on his shortlist of possibilities, but the National Champions lured him in late in the game.

"I'm taking my talents to the real Death Valley," Etienne told KPLC's Brady Renard. What led to his decision to leave Louisiana and choose Clemson? He said, "Thinking outside the box and not limiting myself to things I see here all the time."

Choosing Clemson was certainly outside of the box. His decision came as a surprise to a lot of people, including the folks in Baton Rouge.

When explaining his reasons for committing to Clemson, he referenced their offensive style and why it fits him so well.

"I will be a perfect fit for the offense with all the group of guys they got," Etienne said. "They got the top quarterback, the receivers, they want to spread the ball out and not be one-dimensional. No team will be able to key on us."

Here is the full interview with KPLC and the moment he made his decision.

 This commitment is a huge win for Clemson's recruiting staff and a massive moment in Etienne's life. Hopefully, it works out for both parties and he blossoms into a star.

If you never saw Etienne play, you missed out. This is just a taste of what he can do...

Good luck to Travis at the next level. He was one of the most exciting players in Louisiana, now it's time for him to do it for the defending National Champions.

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